Why Women are Superior to Men! [4]


According to human biology all human beings begin as females, with some of the embryos later developing into males. This is the first sign that “God!” intended for females to be more important than males. In any event, it puts the kibosh on the Adam and Eve fable that God first created a man then took a rib out of the poor fellow and created a woman.

Nature’s plan also made sure that females are sexually superior to males. As noted, females can engage in sex dozens of times a day if they want to—or don’t want to—while even the most virile male peters out after three or four times at the most and has to wait for hours to days before he is able to produce more semen and sexual energy, get it up and in again, and actually enjoy the act.

And finally, the genetic factor that nails the superiority of the female sex is when women are free to think and behave in a way that is natural for them they are generally more practical, more logical, more rational, and more humane than males—all factors that are essential parts of the make-up of females because they are responsible for the actual creation and nurturing of human life.

In the U.S. and a few other countries the religious concept of female inferiority lost some ground during the 20th century, but even in these countries women are still regarded as and generally treated as inferior to men.

Humanity will continue to be plagued by ignorance, stupidity and violence as long as religious doctrines continue to preach and enforce the superiority of men and the inferiority of women, and prevent women from bringing their innate sense of compassion, cooperation and goodwill to the world at large.

Obviously, the sexual nature of males and the sex-based arrogance that led them to automatically assume that they were superior to females was to have results that went far beyond the oppression of females.

This arrogance and the cultural systems it created continue to plague mankind, and despite the examples of women who have ascended to power in the business and political worlds the underlying faults and failures of the religious-inspired syndrome remain in control in most societies.

The incredible power that Catholicism has traditionally had over the lives of millions of people began to weaken in the mid-1900s, primarily as a result of man-made wars and male-invented technology—the wars forcing males to free women from their homes and farms to work in factories while the men were away fighting and dying; and the new technology, particularly automobiles, making it possible for wo-men to exercise a degree of freedom to go places on their own that they had never had before.

However, the power of the Islamic religionto subjugate and oppress Moslem women did not begin to wane significantly until the so-called Arab Spring that started in 2011 when revolutions began in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere against their despotic religious-based governments—but this movement has a long way to go to free females from the shackles of Islam.

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