Why the Jews Created God! [6]


From ancient to virtually modern times all societies had a variety of gods, some numbering in the dozens. While some of the gods had to do with the origin of life, others were the gods of such natural phenomena as the wind, the oceans and mountains.

Jews Create Yahweh/God

Between three and four thousand years ago the religious leaders of the Israelites [Hebrews], a group of Semite tribes who lived in the area of what is now modern Israel, came up with the idea that just one all-powerful god would be far better than many gods, so they decided to worship only one god, whom they referred to as Yahweh. As time passed the Hebrews began to claim that Yahweh was the only God and that all who did not believe in and worship him were doomed to go to Hell when they died. Their religion came to be known as Judaism [from the name of one of the Israelite tribes], and its members came to be known as Jews.

The creators of Yahweh [God] knew absolutely nothing about the Earth or world at large, including the many civilizations around the globe and the billions of galaxies and trillions of stars [suns] that make up the universe. So they had no problem in attributing all things in life and nature to their new God, including he belief that creation occurred only a few thousand years earlier—which was as far back as the Jewish people could trace their ancestry.

The Jesus Christ Add-On

Several centuries after the concept of one god became well established in Jewish culture the descendants of the creators of Yahweh took bits and pieces from many other religions—including the concept of virgin birth—and came up with the idea that more people would believe in and worship their God if he sent them a son as his personal go-between, giving birth to the story of Mary and her son who later became known as Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind. [The word “Christ” comes from the Greek term referring to the oil with which the Jews bathed the feet of those they regarded as holy.]

The Rise of Christianity

Over the next few hundred years the one-God cult of the Jews morphed into the theological and social cult that came to be known as Christianity, which eventually was split into Catholicism, Protestantism and a mish-mash of other sects, including Mormonism, by males who did not accept all of the teachings of the Catholic Church and had their own ideas of God’s will and the proper behavior of men and women.

While the original aim of Christianity—whose founding is often credited to the Jewish tribal leader Abraham—was to assert and maintain human worth and dignity it was soon subverted into a tribal identity and competed with other faiths for social and political power. Thus the numerous wars waged in the name of the Christianity and its offshoots over the millennia and down to modern times.

Still today most Christian sects, especially Catholicism, are basically tribal religions that serve the interests of their male founders and administrators at the expense of females and competing religions.

There is no more stark evidence of the inhumanity of a bigoted god-based religion as the invasion and conquering of the New World in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadors who believed that their Catholic religious beliefs took precedence over the cultures and lives of the millions of people who lived on the Caribbean Islands and the North and South American continents—a phenomenon that was later repeated by English and other European immigrants who began their campaigns to conquer and control—or eradicate—the Native American population in the 1600s.

God’s Terrible Swift Sword

In America’s Civil War [1861-1865] in which hundreds of thousands of young men were killed and hundreds of thousands of others were horribly mutilated both the North and South sides publicly and loudly proclaimed that God was on their side and that they were doing God’s work. Southerners justified their keeping of black human beings as slaves as in keeping with the will of God. Northerners justified their going to war as a fight against evil and sang about “God’s terrible swift sword” helping them vanquish the Southern armies.

The military campaigns by the United States government against Native Americans, whom it regarded as pagan savages with few if any rights, did not end until the 1880s. It was not until 1924 that Native Americans, whose ancestors had lived here for thousands of years, were “granted” citizenship by the government that had conspired in killing most of them and depriving the survivors of their traditional homelands.

What a travesty, and what an indictment against the religious beliefs and practices of early European-Americans.

The Power of the God Cult

The power of the cult of Christianity and its offshoots to seduce and hold the minds of the most educated men and women in those ancient times was to shape the future of their followers in ways that could not have been intended—causing, death, destruction and incredible suffering on a massive scale.

Since creation of Yahweh/God the knowledge that human beings have learned about the universe, its origin and how it works, is off the scale, and yet millions of educated people continue to profess belief in the God-concept taught by Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all of their offshoots, and to worship a God who represents all of the elements in the nature of human males, the good and the bad—a form of willful stupidity that is pathological to the extreme.

The only thing more incredible than this ongoing pathological reverence for an imaginary God are the rationales that professed believers in Judaism, Christianity and Islam use to convince themselves and others that there is a God who created everything some six thousand year ago and is responsible for everything, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary.

Historically, Jews, Christians and Moslems have slaughtered each other while shouting that God is on their side. When tragic things occur they say it is God’s will, while continuing to preach that God is the ultimate guardian and protector of human beings and will save people from evil and disaster if they believe in him and pray to him—or his “son,” the young Jew Jesus.

What is now just as incredible is that many people know that belief in a benign God creator and protector is absolute nonsense but most of them—especially politicians—are afraid to publicly admit it.

What was weirdly amusing at the turn of the 21st century was that one of the few individuals with a public pulpit who was not afraid to speak the truth about the God fable was a comedian: Bill Maher, the host of Real Time on HBO. Bill repeatedly said the God story was all just nonsense.

Promoting and Selling God

Since around 500 A.D. the God fable has become a major industry, and today its various constituents employ several million people. These include managers of institutions like the Catholic Church, Jewish synagogues and Islamic mosques along with a large number of individuals who use the airwaves to con people into sending them money.

Of course, Jewish, Christian and Islamic sects and their hundreds of thousands of churches provide some material support for many of members, but their use of the God fable to attract and hold these members is in-defensible.

In addition to perpetrating a false faith these institutions provide people with a way of avoiding personal responsibility for their behavior. The fact that these faiths allow their members to slaughter each other in the name of and for their God is a form of insanity.

The babble of many of the religion-based con men and con women on radio and television is so infantile, so stupid, so obviously put-on, that only people who have been programmed to the moronic level could believe what they say and send them money.

The efforts of obviously well-educated members of the Catholic Church and similar organizations to af-firm the existence of a Creator-God are marvelous demonstrations of their skill with words in “proving” something for which there is absolutely no evidence—and incredibly vast amounts of evidence to the contrary.

What is most disturbing and the most dangerous for humanity is that equally well-educated and knowledgeable people in positions of great power and influence cop-out by agreeing with or pretending to agree with the God people.

By this time it should be obvious to all that the most destructive element in God-based moralities is the fact that they are male-oriented and male-dominated.

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One of the stories in this book is about a legend that Jesus Christ and his brother Isukiri spent his “Missing Years” [from the age of 12 until 32 or 33] in Japan, and that after returning to Jordan it was his brother who was crucified…and that Jesus escaped back to Japan, married, had children and died there. His tomb was in the village of Herai,..and there is other evidence! Another story describes the annual fertility festivals that have been popular in Japan for over a thousand years. The cover of the book depicts a scene from one of these festivals. It is available from Amazon.com