Why God-Based Moralities Have Failed! [11]


People in God-oriented societies commonly behave in ways that are contrary to religious teachings—in many cases because the teachings range from being impractical to inhuman, dangerous or worse, and following them makes no sense.

     The concept that the “Kingdom of Heaven” is within the individual—not in some after-death Heaven high in the sky—is probably the most important of all of the insights attributed to the historical Jesus as well as many other earlier philosophers like Confucius. But it goes against the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all of which hold that God is the only source of wisdom and proper behavior—by which they mean what these male-dominated cults teach.

     In fact, according to the teachings of Christianity you can “sin” left and right and still go to Heaven if you confess and accept Jesus Christ [God manifested in the flesh to save mankind!], as your savior before you die—an incredible cop-out devised by religious leaders in an effort to make god-based religion more attractive to the masses.

     Judaism, Christianity and Islam have never had all of the right answers for the spiritual needs of humanity—as history has so graphically demonstrated. Now, more and more so-called Christians are creating their own personal paths to fulfilling their spiritual needs.

     And then, of course, some two-thirds of the world’s population is not Christian or Jew—even if in name only.  These are the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, and so on—most of whom have had good reason for disliking and fearing Christianity because of its intolerant claim of exclusivity and historical use of violence…not to mention the primitive, irrational elements of its theology.

     India-American physician, author and public speaker Dr. Deepak Chopra has presented a succinct explanation of the difference between religion and spirituality. He reminds people that religions develop long after the occurrence of spiritual experiences. He notes that Jesus Christ was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist. “Those religious were ultimately constructed around an ideology, and of necessity took on the rigidity and risk of being taken over by people who were more interested in power-mongering and corruption. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a realm of awareness that is universal and goes beyond dogma.”

Spirituality does indeed have a vital role to play in human life, but it has not been rationally presented by Judaism, Christianity or Islam—all of which were created by ignorant men who were beset by sexism, tribalism and racism that adversely affected their efforts to control human behavior.

     In more ways than one, the God-based moralities of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have become an un-funny joke.  The daily news is rife with references to God that are so irrational they go beyond being ridiculous.

     Interestingly, Dennis Prager, the Jewish-American author and commentator on personal and social issues from morality to religion, has said that most present-day Israelis are not religious in their day-to-day behavior. That is also true, of course, of most Christian Americans, most of whom are too busy living.

Recent surveys of American Christians reveal that the Christianity they profess to believe in is little more than a cultural brand—not a testament to their beliefs or behavior.

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