Trials of the Catholic Church! [5]

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The oppression of females by the Catholic Church began to take a hit with the appearance of The PILL in 1960 but it was to be a series of scandals in the late 1900s that finally began to significantly erode the power of the Church over the lives of women.

The 20th Century Sex Scandals

The greatest scandal to hit the Catholic Church at the end of the 20th century was the widespread public disclosure of sexual activity by homosexual and pedophile priests—a practice that had been going on since day one because it was condoned by those in these categories who had risen to high positions in the hierarchy of Church and was also kept quiet by other high-placed members because they didn’t want to harm the Church image.

This ongoing situation did not become publicly known nationally or internationally until the advent of news media that was both irreverent and more driven by readership and profit motives. The first reactions of the Catholic Church on the highest level were disingenuous to say the least, but as more and more incidents were revealed and lawsuits mounted, the Church finally admitted the problem and said it would take steps to stop it.

There is also growing lay and some priestly opposition to the Catholic Church doctrine of requiring priests to remain celibate—in part, no doubt, because of the 20th century sex scandals involving priests.

The dogma that abstaining from sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex results in males and females remaining pure, saintly and god-like, goes back several thousand years. It was not until the 4th century A.D. that it first cropped up in the so-called Western Church. And it was not until the mid-11th century that Pope Gregory VII issued a decree forbidding priests from marrying. [Another reason for this was that when married priests had male children any rights they had to Church-owned land went to the eldest son, diluting the power of the Church—and that had become a serious sore point for the Pope.]

The decree prohibiting priests from marrying or engaged in sex with females was reaffirmed by Popes in the 12th century and again in the 16th century. Despite growing opposition to this ancient practice the decree was again reaffirmed in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI.

The ancient idea that celibacy contributes to purity in both a physical and divine sense is, of course, absolute nonsense. What it does do is subject the individual to enormous stress that manifests itself in a variety of ways that have long been obvious but have been ignored by the Church hierarchy.

Religions and American Women

American females have also been among those who were deliberately kept ignorant of their own sexual nature as well as that of males until modern times.

In this day and age it is absolutely incredible to admit that just a few generations ago American women were subject to being tied to stakes and burned alive by men who accused them of being witches when they exhibited “unnatural” behavior—generally the result of sex-related frustrations.

It was not until well into the 20th century that a few women began to rebel against the sexual restraints and discrimination females were forced to endure, by writing and speaking and eventually creating a movement that came to be known as “Women’s Lib.”

The partial success of this movement was a direct out-growth of the new entertainment and news media industries jumping on the Women’s Lib bandwagon—not so much because they had become advocates but because of prurient interest in the stories and the fact that they grabbed attention and increased sales profits.

But Women’s Lib has made only a small dent in the behavior of males driven by unused sexual energy and a mindset that is still in an ancient self-interest mode based on physical strength, size and an “in-charge” complex that often ignores reality.

Of course, there are millions of civilized and educated men who have risen above this ancient male programming, and their influence is growing but it is far from the point that it can change the course of the institutions that control the bulk of humanity.

As is so obvious it goes without saying that even the most enlightened societies today remain in the grips of ancient patterns of thought and behavior that are patently irrational and destructive not only to human beings but to the Earth and all of its other life forms.

But it also goes without saying that for the first time in human history the knowledge that is necessary to change this doomsday scenario is at hand and the desire for change is growing. The question is when will it really begin to make significant inroads on the power structures that are now in charge.

And the crux of this power structure is bound up in one-god religions—in fact, the biggest tragedy to be-fall mankind was the creation of the first one-god religion between three and four thousand years ago—a time-frame which reveals clearly that most of its most crucial dogma are false, since the history of mankind is measured in hundreds of thousands of years and that of other life forms in millions of years.

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