The Plague of Money Politics! [19]



The only way to really reform the political system in the United States is to start by eliminating the money equation. Eliminating the hold that money politics now has on the country will require some drastic steps that only the public at large can initiate.  Citizens must force their elected officials on every level of government to take the following simple steps:

1] Mandate by law that candidates cannot use paid advertisements in the news media or on signs, or have anyone else or any organization place paid advertisements on their behalf in or on any media.

2] Mandate by law that all citizens running for re-election, or election for the first time, write out in precise detail their biographical information and position on all issues that could be expected to come before them, and make their manifestos available to the public 90 days before the day of the election by releasing them to the print and electronic news media, and by printing and delivering them to voters in their districts and states.

3] Mandate by law that public campaigning by all candidates be limited to precisely 30 days before election day and that during this 30-day period they be prohibited from basing their campaigns on criticizing their opponents. If they are not willing to stand on their background and positions on the public interest they should not be running in the first place.

What the Public Has to Say

Among the many critiques of Congressional representatives and senators now on the Internet as pass-on messages, the following sums up the feelings of many Americans:

A.  A maxim of two 6-year Senate terms.

B.  A maxim of six 2-year House terms.

C.  One 6-year Senate term and three 2-Year House terms.

D.  Congressional members receive a salary while in office and no pension when they leave office.

E.  Congressional members (past, present & future)

participate in the Social Security program.

F.  All funds in the Congressional retirement fund should be moved to the Social Security system immediately.   All future funds should flow into the Social Security system, and Congressional members should participate with the American people.

G.  Members of Congress should purchase retirement plans, just as other Americans do.

H.  Congressional members should no longer have the right to vote themselves pay raises.

I.  The current health care system for members of Congress should be eliminated, and they should participate in the same health care system as other Americans.

J.  Members of Congress should be required to abide by the laws they impose on the American people.

K. All contracts with past and present members of Congressmen should be voided. The American people did not make these contracts with Congressional mem-bers. They made the contracts themselves.

L.  Serving in Congress was not meant to be a career.  The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serving their term(s) then going home and going back to work.

A Common-Sense Manifesto

A board of independent ordinary citizens, business-people and scholars should draw up a simple common sense manifesto of specific incremental steps to take that over a period of years that are designed fix the problems now plaguing the infrastructure of the political system, the economic system, and the education system.

To implement this manifesto the American public would have to come to its senses, stop voting on party lines, and vote for independent candidates who pledge in writing to make the changes necessary, and then hold them strictly accountable if they are elected.

Politicians already in office should be required by voters to sign off on the manifesto. If they refuse to sign the manifesto they should be blacklisted in future elections—or better yet, recalled and booted out of office.

If such drastic steps are not taken there is no hope that basic improvements will be made in the governing process.

 In politics stupidity is not a handicap!

—Napoleon Bonaparte—

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