The Plague of Male Dominance! [10]


The specific reasons for the failure of virtually every aspect of human cultures include gender differences and male-oriented and male-directed moralities.The single most important factor in the overall failure of human cultures has, in fact, been male dominance. The second most important factor has been the influence of male-dominated religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all of which embody the worst characteristics of cults—a cult, by definition, being a system of community or religious worship and ritual, especially one focusing upon a single deity or spirit; an obsessive devotion or veneration for a person, principle or ideal; an exclusive group of people sharing an esoteric interest.

     One of the original fundamental flaws in God-based Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions was divorcing the mind from the physical body; completely separating the needs of the body from the aspirations for a divine spiritual existence and eternal life…a concept that brought some comfort to ignorant humanity but the suffering it has caused is immeasurable.

     It is, of course, an obvious and indisputable fact that man-made religious moralities have not succeeded in creating peace and goodwill among human beings. Every form of violence and ill-will imaginable is as common today, if not more so, than at any time in the history of the species.

The Forked-Tongues of God’s Spokesmen

The daily news is rife with references to God that are so irrational they go beyond being ridiculous. Clerics, preachers, terrorists, politicians, military men and others are constantly calling on God to bless them and their countries, and to bring death and destruction to their enemies.

There are other destructive mental and moral aberrations across the board in societies where the guidelines for human behavior are based on an irrational male-oriented theological concept, with so-called entertainment being one of the most conspicuous examples.

It is also incredible that much of modern-day entertainment—one of the biggest and most culturally influential of all industries—is based on catering to the most primitive, savage and gross side of humanity. The Christian Church in particular cannot compete with this form of mass cultural conditioning.

The Bill of Rights Virus

In fact, the Bill of Rights attached to the American Constitution forbids both the government and religious institutions from interfering with the public expression of the most gross and dehumanizing elements of “freedom of speech.”

This black hole of immorality has come about in part because over the decades the laws of the United States have been skewered by ideologue politicians and other politicians under pressure from business leaders and others to favor and permit the debasement of humanity for the sake of profit—and most people at large accept this situation for a variety of reasons: they tell themselves they can’t change it; that it is not their responsibility, and so on. It is also obvious that many people who publicly oppose this pandemic of profit-oriented cultural sleaze are strongly attracted to it.

The goal in producing and marketing sleaze is, of course, to make a profit. And the reason it is so profitable is because the attempts of religions and secular societies to control human behavior, despite their good intentions, have created a hunger for sleaze in all of its forms…especially those that are sex-related. Feeding this obsession drives the behavior of a large percentage of humanity.

Over the millennia many wise men and women have tried to replace religions with a philosophy of life that does not depend upon male-created gods but on simple common-sense universal rules and guidelines based on what is good and best for all humans. But just as obviously these attempts have failed because the intellect of most human beings has not yet evolved to the point that people can transcend the religious moralities of the cultures they are raised in—or on their own overcome their built-in tendencies to think and behave in irrational and destructive ways.

It goes without saying that children are not capable of preventing themselves from being programmed like robots by their environment. To varying degrees they learn and accept the ways of their parents and other adults in their society—or they face a variety of punishments that range from being criticized, shamed and  ostracized to—in some countries—being mutilated or murdered by their own fathers, brothers or other male adults.

It is true, of course, that Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded with the best of intentions but it was not long before they were turned into instruments of discrimination, oppression, violence and murder. Throughout their history mayhem and war have been among their primary legacies to mankind.

     Over the millennia the vast majority of people who have accepted and attempted to live by the precepts of man-made religions—in other words, to live morally upright lives according to the precepts of their particular religion—have been the least powerful, the most down-trodden and the most victimized by the state and by the church…in other words, women.

     In societies with god-based religions the word God itself has been turned into a catchall term that is used to justify murder by individuals and mass-killing by states. Pathological killers as well as the most upright members of societies beseech God to aid them in the destruction of their competitors and enemies, and praise God when they succeed.

     That this incongruity is ignored by many of those who profess to believe in and follow the precepts of a “loving God” is pathological to the extreme. To be more precise, it is a form of cultural insanity. In virtually the same breath “God the Creator and Savior” becomes “God the Avenger, the Destroyer and the Bringer of Death” to one’s enemies and disbelievers.

     In human history good and bad have never existed in reality as fixed polar opposites.  They have always been circumstantial and were whatever was prescribed at the time by the ruling powers—the clergy, the government and the military, or whichever one of these entities was dominant. These three institutions have also traditionally worked hand-in-hand to indoctrinate, subjugate and control people for their own purposes.

     It goes without saying that for the vast majority of people survival and some degree of security and comfort take precedence over all other things. And if professing to believe in something like Islam, for example, will provide this security and comfort, even to a small degree, people programmed in that faith will believe and obey even the most irrational and inhuman dogma.

    When the United States was founded some of the teachings of Christianity that are humane, positive and nurturing were incorporated into the laws of the land. But institutionalized Christianity was not made a state religion because it was clearly seen as an enemy of intellectual and personal freedom.

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