The Ongoing Plague of Male Dominance! [7]


Virtual and real male dominance over females in virtually every group of human beings that has ever existed has resulted in ignorance, willful stupidity, cruelty and violence plaguing mankind since day one.

As said, male discrimination against females did not begin as a religious thing. It evolved naturally from the genetic programming of males, so when men created gods their gods naturally consigned women to an inferior status.

Because males recognized that females were inherently more sexually potent than they were they did everything in their power—physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually—to control women; to make them subservient not only sexually but in all other aspects of life.

But the emergence of civilizations put a kink in the sexual monopoly of big strong males. After the advent of larger organized societies most men, officially at least, had to limit themselves to just one mate at a time, but in most societies many males made sure they still had access to mistresses, concubines, harems and prostitutes.

Judaism, Christianity & Islam

Then in what is now referred to as the Western world—as opposed to Asia—along came Judaism, Christianity and Islam—all of which were created and controlled by men and all of which established “god-given” laws controlling the sexual behavior of men and women, with the laws naturally skewered in favor of men. In these male-created and controlled religions females were an after-thought created to serve men.

As time went by, overly zealous religious leaders and theologians—all males and often men who feared women—began to preach that women were naturally evil and would seduce and debase men if they had the slightest opportunity. They then created a world in which women had to deny and suppress their own sexuality, resulting in indescribable frustration and suffering to the point that mental and physical ailments among women became common.

What all of the ancient world’s alpha males and all of the religious clerics, ministers, popes, priests, shamans—or whatever they are called—misunderstood or ignored was the fundamental sexual nature of human beings.

Those misguided and gonad-driven males denied or ignored the fact that among all members of the animal kingdom, including human beings, sexuality comes right after survival in the built-in gene-powered drives. Furthermore, unlike some of their lower-order relatives male humans are “in heat” all the time. Females, on the other hand, want sex only on certain occasions and generally only with selected males.

Of course, there were enough valid social and political reasons for male leaders of early societies and religions to curb the sexual behavior of men and women. But the way they went about it was both inhuman and cruel.  First of all, they put most of the responsibility on women, accusing them of not being able to control their sexual nature and therefore being a clear and present danger to society.

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