The Misuse of Human Sexuality! [20]



One of the most incredible results of the misunderstanding, misuse and abuse of human sexuality in the so-called Western world [which equates with the Christianized nations] has been the dramatic appearance and growth of sexual titillation industries since the advent of movies and television in the early 1900s.

This doesn’t mean there was no sex-oriented media in earlier times. Drawings, paintings and even sculptures have long depicted men and women in the nude and in sex acts for their arousal effects.

In fact, in earlier times cultures in some Asian countries had enormous industries devoted to such things. Early Japan’s famous 69-position sex charts are now collector’s items worth large sums of money, and its annual sex festivals continue to attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. Sex-oriented sculptures of India, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries also continue to attract large numbers of tourists.

In the United States sex-oriented novels—most of them aimed at females—began to sell by the millions in the early 1900s. By the mid-1900s printed “fuck” comics and cartoons were big things in American high schools, furtively passed around by giggling girls and smirking boys in the classrooms and hallways. [Popeye was a popular star in the cartoons!]

But it was not until the hippie movement in the late 1950s and 1960s had influenced and liberated movie and television producers and magazine publishers that sexual titillation became one of the biggest industries in the country and one of the foundations of the whole economy.

As early as the 1970s hard-core porn films were available on television in hotel rooms, and despite some half-hearted attempts to stop the practice it continues—protected by the Freedom of Speech amendment attached to the American Constitution.

Visual and verbal pornography are now a mainstay of the movie and television industries. Even the broadcast news media has joined the sexual titillation crowd by selecting sexy female newscasters who are groomed fit to kill, wear short skirts, display a lot of naked leg and flirt with both guests and viewers.

As of this writing films showing both partial and complete nudity are now common fare on some television channels. Sexual intercourse depicting everything except the entry of the male penis into the female vagina is common.

Why Female Sexuality is Used to Sell Everything!

Another of the incredible and conspicuous aspects of the failure of males in Jewish, Christian and Islamic societies to understand and deal humanely and effectively with the sexual nature of men and women is the fact that in the 20th century the display of female sexuality became the foundation of marketing in the Uni-ted States, with several European and Hispanic countries following suit.

By 2005 even once sex-staid China has boarded the sex-marketing bandwagon, and it will be very interesting to watch that development both because the Chinese have a different cultural background regarding sex and because of the conservative influence that the Communist Party still has on the country.

The fact that it is primarily the use of female sexuality that primes the business pump in America and other Christianized countries is yet other outcome of the Jewish and Christian religions historically keeping women in the shadows and subservient to men—denying them the right of self-expression and making the subject of their sexuality both taboo and a subject of obsessive interest among males.

Islam has been and still is even more rigid and extreme in its efforts to keep women in virtual serfdom—a primitive practice that goes all the way back to caveman days and is just now beginning to show cracks because a tiny percentage of Islamic women have become educated enough, affluent enough and courageous to loosen the religious chains that have bound them since ancient times.

Hopefully, the influence of television and mobile communication devices will eventually override the hold that Islamic law has on females, allowing them to become fully realized human beings.

Another of the results of the religious-inspired laws requiring women to keep their bodies covered is that males in these countries have developed a fetish about female breasts. Surely never in the history of mankind has more been made about any part of the human body than what is now seen in the U.S., Mexico and other countries in regards to female tits.

Your might think that an American mother being arrested for breast-feeding her baby in public has to be the epitome of stupidity. But then along comes an Islamic cleric who announces in the Iranian media that women who engage in promiscuous behavior and whose dress reveals breast-cleavage and leg not only corrupts young men and leads to adultery but is also the cause of earthquakes.

This example of religious idiocy prompted Purdue University genetics and evolution student Jennifer Mc-Creight to create a ‘boobquake” Facebook group as a joke…“to help fight supernatural thinking and the oppression of women just because they showed some cleavage.”

In a matter of hours over 105,000 female Facebook users had volunteered to join the group, resulting in news media around the world picking up on the story. The site could become big and profitable—with many newcomers logging on because they think it is online pornography and they are going to see a lot of boobs.

What a marvelous story and what an amazing ex-ample of the power of the Internet to reveal the on-going idiocy and stupidity of primitive religious thinking and the susceptibility of the human mind to being programmed to believe anything.

Bras especially designed to reveal a lot of tit are big sellers. Plastic surgeons [mostly males] reacting to demand from hundreds of thousands of women have turned enlarging tits into another new industry.

But given the direction and the speed with which the breast fetish is driving “fashion” it seems safe to predict that totally bare breasts will eventually become so commonplace in public that the fetish will peter out.

What’s Next? – The Male Penis?

Will the size and appearance of the erect male organ ever become a fetish among liberated females? I predicted that it would in Brave New World of American Sex, [written in the 1960s], and if it happens it will result in nationally televised contests and awards—resulting in fame and wealth for the extra-endowed men. [Basketball players would probably have to be banned from entering these contests because they would win most of them.]

Interestingly, centuries before Christianity became the primary religion in Rome sports-minded Romans staged penis contests in the gladiator stadium. The description of these popular coed events that especially caught my attention was the one about a man whose erect penis was so long he rested it on a wheel barrier as he proudly paraded it around the arena to rousing applause from the audience.

Such an event today would surely outdraw sports, and sponsors would be lined up by the hundreds.

The use of female sexuality to market products will no doubt continue until the sexuality of women is out in the open and no longer of obsessive interest to either males or females. That could be a long time coming because the influence of religions will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

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