The Misunderstanding & Misuse of Male Sexuality! [2]

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What nature obviously did not foresee or plan for was the possibility that male members of the human species would not always have ready access to females for sexual purposes. Males were designed with their gonads always in the “on” position, producing semen and sexual energy 24 hours a day.

The problem with this is that when males are pre-vented—for whatever reason—from expelling all of the sexual energy that builds up in their gonads and prostate glands the pressure from the unused energy builds up and up, and fairly early in the process begins to affect how males think and act.

One of the most unheralded results of this sexual energy buildup is the relationship between violence and unused male sexual energy. Studies by professionals have shown that the more sexual energy that builds up in males the more likely they are to engage in behavior that includes every form of violence known.

This behavior ranges from verbal and physical abuse of children, girl friends and wives to fighting among themselves, single and mass murders, and wars in which hundreds to millions are maimed and killed.

Just one aspect of the misunderstanding and misuse of human sexuality in ancient as well as modern times is the incarceration of huge numbers of men in prisons where they do not have access to normal sexual release with females. There are also prisons for females who have no access to male sexual partners but their numbers are miniscule compared to males.

In many countries, including the U.S., religious taboos have traditionally prevented prison inmates from having access to partners of the opposite sex. But there are some exceptions.

Mexico, often touted as a strict Catholic country, allows many of its prison inmates to have conjugal visits from wives and girl friends, particularly those who can afford to pay their jailors a fee for the privilege.

This situation exists in Mexico because like other typical Hispanic-influenced Catholic countries most of the men pay no attention to the dictates of the Church [except perhaps on Sundays and special holidays]—looking at religious beliefs and real life as separate worlds. There is even a special term for this division of real life and religious life in the Catholic Philippines.

The Incredible Masturbation Taboos

The role of the Christian Church in attempting to control the sexual behavior of males has included taboos against masturbation. Until recent times the Church taught that achieving sexual release through masturbation was a sin against God. There is scripture in the Bible that says it is better for males to leave their seed in the bellies of whores than cast it to the wind.

And until modern times some preachers and priests advised mothers of young boys to tie their hands be-hind their backs at night so they couldn’t masturbate while in bed. [It is normal for males to get hard-on’s from four to a dozen times every 24 hours, including while asleep, which often wakes them up as they get older.]

As late as the 19th century some Christian mothers were still telling their young sons that masturbating would make them go insane—and still today young males who masturbate do it furtively in order not to be caught and shamed by their parents or other adults.  Masturbating by girls has been even more taboo.

Thanks to the religious position on masturbation, the female need and urge to masturbate has given rise to a large industry that manufactures and sells dildos and other masturbation tools for women.

Another Hard-On Dilemma!

Healthy males get hard-on’s from four to eight or more times every 24-hour period, starting when they are still in the womb and continuing until they are in their 70s, 80s or 90s if they live that long.

In advanced countries today men are living into their 70s and 80s and beyond, and during these long life-spans they are having far more erections per day and night than was normal for males in the past because there is more overt sexual stimulation.

This means the average male gets from 2,000 to 3,000 hard-on’s per year, of which less than 10 percent are used. You can image what kind of physical and emotional stress this causes.

In addition to this natural phenomena, by the time boys in the United States and some other countries are in their mid-teens they have advanced to necking with girl friends, during which they typically have full, hard, unrelieved erections for as long as an hour or more. This results in significantly increasing the build-up of stress in their prostate glands and gonads—often to the point that it is extremely painful.

Furthermore, the amount of sexual titillation that present-day males of all ages are exposed to on television, in magazines, movies, etc., is incredible, and dramatically increases the incidence of regular, daily sexual stress that is not relieved.

If you assume that a male has a partial or complete erection only five times every 24-hour period and lives to be 60 years old that amounts to a total of 109,500 erections. You can assume that these erections were not “used” more than about 100 times a year, for a total of 6,000 during the 60-year period. This leaves males with well over 100,000 unrelieved sexual arousals over a period of six decades.

The negative impact this accumulation of stressed-out periods has on the prostate gland has to be horrific—and may be the primary cause of the enlargement of the prostate gland…and may also be associated with the incidence of prostate cancer.

For every year beyond 60  that you add to the life-span of men you have at least an additional 1,800-plus erections—and despite old tales you might have heard,  normal, healthy men in their 70s and 80s do get hard-on’s, and suffer when they are not used.

It’s Not a Laughing Matter!

Those who are tempted to laugh this problem off as something that is not really serious would, again, be well advised to consider that unrelieved sexual stress among males is one of the primary sources of all of the male-generated violence that has plagued mankind from the beginning.

The longer normal, healthy males go without re-leasing the natural buildup of sexual energy the more apt they are to engage in some kind of violence—from abusing their wives and children to taking their frustrations out on other members of society—or engaging in other kinds of destructive behavior.

If you make up a list of all of the cruel, destructive, evil, inhumane, savage and stupid things that have happened to human beings—and are, of course, still happening today—at least ninety-five percent of the people responsible for these things have been and are males.

One of the primary reasons for this male mayhem can be traced to the position taken by the three largest and most powerful religious cults [Judaism, Christianity and Islam], which  resulted in males having to repress their natural sexual desires and use up their sexual energy in other ways that were often violent.

The fact that this religious rationale incorporated the concept that females are inferior to males made life even more onerous and destructive for humanity in general.

In simple terms, when a man gets hard on the bot-tom he gets soft on the top—meaning he cannot think in clear, rational terms and is likely to do irrational things when in a state of sexual arousal.

In the past the only option generally open to young males to expel their sexual energy was masturbation, which was generally effective when early teenage boys were concerned. But masturbation is not the natural solution for adult men. It relieves the physical stress somewhat but not all of the mental/emotional stress—and the relief is short-lived.

Male-dominated religious teachings combined with man-made legal and social sanctions designed to keep women from expending their unused sex energy has caused as much if not more damage to the mental and physical well-being of females.

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