The Misunderstanding & Misuse of Female Sexuality! [3]


Until recent times virtually all societies ignored the fact that women also have powerful sexual urges and needs—an incredible arrogance perpetrated by males. The emotional and physical suffering this has caused and continues to cause females is incalculable.

Over the millennia the various ailments females suffered from being denied the opportunity to fulfill their sexual needs were invariably linked by males to the overall nature of females—not sexual deprivation. Some men, however, consciously or subconsciously, apparently realized that there was a sexual element in the “disruptive” behavior of females, and their often stated solution was that they needed a “good screw.”

However, this insight did not lead to any lessening of the male-created taboos that kept females from being able to use up their sexual energy

The Role of the Catholic Church

Some of the measures promoted or condoned by the Catholic Church during the so-called Middle Ages to control female sexual behavior are hardly believable today.

Beginning in the 11th century, European church and lay leaders launched a series of religious-inspired military campaigns against Middle East countries in an attempt to free Jerusalem and the other “Holy Cities” from their Moslem occupiers.  These so-called “Crusades” against Islamic countries continued off and on for approximately three hundred years.

During this incredibly long period of Pope-backed wars some men had their wives outfitted with “chastity belts”—iron thong-like devices that were locked in place to prevent the women from being able to have sexual intercourse with other males while the husbands were away doing their religious duty.

Many of these lockable iron “chastity belts” were made in Italy, where their manufacture and use was promoted by the Catholic Church.  [Even farther out than this device was an older practice among ancient slave holders to have the foreskin of the penises of their adult male slaves sewn tight, leaving only a tiny hole for urination, to discourage them from engaging in sexual intercourse with any woman…another extreme to which men have gone in the past to control sexual behavior.]

Ironically, most of the glory-hungry knights who left Europe in their zeal to take the “Holy Land” away from Moslems never returned home. Some 20 percent of them were killed in battle, and some 60 or 70 percent of them died from the plague and other diseases.  History also notes, not surprisingly, that many women managed to get around the iron chastity belts by one means or another, including having a second key made by willing locksmiths.

According to a number of totally unreliable sources on the Internet some form of chastity belts continued to be used in Europe well after the end of the Crusades, and, in fact, into modern times. Such is the terrible hold that religious beliefs have on both men and women.

However, given the male psyche it is not surprising that historically males have gone to inhuman lengths to prevent females from exercising their full sexuality because it is far stronger than that of males.

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