The Beginning of the End of a Long Dark Age! [9]



Throughout recorded history there have been instances of women making major contributions to the cultures of ancient societies, including Chinese, Greek, Hindu and Persian. But these contributions virtually stopped with the ascendancy of the Christian religion and its large off-shoots, particularly Islam, which taught that females were inferior to males and morally fit only for child-bearing and serving men.

     The rapid growth of Christianity between 33-93 A.D., Islam from around 650 A.D., and the orthodox Catholic version of Christianity from 1054 A.D.—much of it by force of arms—resulted in an educational Dark Age for most of the world’s males until around the end of the 19th century and for most of the world’s females until the middle of the 20th century.

     For century after century all education was controlled by religions that preached and followed the doctrine that females are inferior to males and must be kept in their place, which included keeping them ignorant and submissive—a policy that still today is followed by a number of religions.

     It was not until the early years of the 20th century that it became acceptable and possible for large numbers of American and European females to attend elementary level schools, and it was to be several more decades before female enrollment in colleges grew into significant numbers.

     The emergence of females as the equals of males in the workplace [outside of farms] began in earnest in the United States during World War II in the mid-20th century, when factories and offices had no choice but to hire several million women to replace the men engaged in a male-made war.

     This phenomenon alone did more than anything else to release most of the chauvinist-inspired and religious-enforced bonds that had kept American and European women down and submissive throughout history.

     By the 1970s the number of American women in college, in managerial positions in industry and in politics had increased to the point that they were making their influence felt.

     This number has continued to increase, and in some professions—health, for example—there are as many females as males, and in a few professional areas females outnumber males. U.S. medical schools are now graduating more female doctors than male doctors.

     By the end of the first decade of the 21st century women in industry had reached the point that they were having a profound influence on management philosophy and practices, introducing policies that were gender neutral and took into account the special role that females play in keeping the species alive by having and nurturing babies.

     However, the three areas that remained barely touched by female influence were religions, politics and education, all of which have been bastions of male power since the origin of these institutions.

    Despite the fact that new technology combined with other changes in American culture—good and bad—have given females far more opportunities and power than they have ever had since the origin of the species, their unique female mindset—so different from the male mind—has just begun to bring about fundamental changes in the institutions and enterprises that control American life.

     It is, in fact, remarkable that the more outgoing and aggressive American females become the more feminine American males become—but the meeting of the two genders in a rational and positive compromise is still far away.

      Ultimately, the genetic factor that nails the superiority of the female sex is that when women are free to think and behave in a way that is natural for them they are intrinsically more practical, more logical, more rational, and more humane than males—all factors that are essential parts of the make-up of females because they are responsible for the actual creation and nurturing of human life.

     If you make up a list of all of the cruel, destructive, evil, inhumane, savage and stupid things that have happened to human beings—and are, of course, still happening today—at least 95 percent of the people responsible for these things have been and are males.

The world desperately needs a new universal cultural paradigm that is devoid of theological-based myths and ignorance, and is based instead on the positive potential of the human species—a potential that now includes actually becoming god-like in the ability to do good…or evil.

The trouble with the world

is that the stupid are cocksure

and the intelligent are full of doubt!

 –Bertrand Russell–

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