Failing Anti-Female Catholic Religion! [12]


One of the most incredible continuing failings of the Catholic version of Christianity is the Vatican’s position on women in the Church. Near the end of the 20th century a number of groups of Catholics who had distanced themselves from the rigid orthodoxy of the Vatican began to give women roles that had previously been the absolute preserves of males.

Some of these steps involved ordaining women as priests, a move that drew quick condemnation from the Vatican. In 2010 when break-away Catholic Churches ordained a number of female priests the move resulted in the Vatican condemning the action as a grave sin on a par with the sexual abuse of children. Incredible!

A spokesperson for the Vatican explained the position of the Church as following the precedent set by Jesus Christ who, the spokesperson said, remained celibate all his life and ordained only males who had been baptized into the priesthood.

The bishop in charge later excommunicated a male priest who was involved in ordaining a female as a priest. The bishop explained his action by saying: “Actions such as these are extremely serious and carry with them profoundly harmful consequences for the salvation of souls participating in this attempted ordination.” 

That was an incredibly stupid, anti-human, anti-female thing for a high-ranking member of the Catholic Church to say, and it obviously represented the official position of the Church.

To permanently condemn one-half of humanity as inferior to males and not worthy of acting on behalf of the Church to teach moral behavior is an astounding example of the primitive mindset of both the male founders and present-day leaders of the Catholic Church—not to mention Islam, which is even more anti-female.

The chauvinistic and anti-human practices of the male-dominated Catholic and Islamic Churches have, of course, been the rule since day one and until modern times the power of the Church was such that women did not dare to question it.  But until the power of the Church to defy common sense and to ignore the humanity it professes to hold sacred is broken it will continue to discriminate against women.

Why the Catholic Church has been able to maintain its power for such a long time is not a secret. Most males in the most “Catholic countries” have simply ignored the dogma and dictates of the Church in their normal “week-day” behavior—that has included cheating, lying, engaging in promiscuous sexual behavior and various forms and degrees of violence, most often against women.

As one honest Filipino Catholic priest once noted, “There is Catholic morality and there is Reality. Except when they go to Church on Sundays most Catholic laymen live in the world of Reality.”

Until the fundamental errors that are built into the foundations of the largest and most powerful religions are acknowledged and corrected by their male rulers they will continue to be a major part of the failure of human beings to achieve even a small portion of their potential.

But given the pathological mentality of the Christian and Islamic Church lords this reformation will not happen until the religions are on the verge of becoming totally obsolete simply because the people at large will stop blindly supporting them.

Now that religions are no longer able to oppress people with impunity the gradual weakening of their hold on the mindset of well over half of humanity is, in fact, inevitable. Their “sins” are quickly made public.

It is becoming obvious to more and more people that the salvation of humanity lies in rational, factual education; not in male-created and male-dominated religious cults—and again if you question the reference to Judaism, Christianity and Islam as cults look up the word cult in your dictionary.

Religions Live on Ignorance

From their inceptions all of the branches of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been based on ignorance—on the simple fact that people knew virtually nothing about the cosmos, the solar system, the Earth, the existence of thousands of other societies on other continents, and so on. And it was this prevailing ignorance over the centuries that made it possible for these religions to survive and thrive.

Not surprisingly, much of this ignorance in all of these religious sects still prevails today despite the fact that mankind has walked on the moon, astronomers study the billions of galaxies and more billions of stars in the cosmos, and scientists can literally create life.

What is equally sad is that long before the appearance of Christianity and Islam ancient Sumerian and Greek scholars and scientists had actually deduced that the Earth is a globe that is in orbit around the sun; had identified all of the inner planets out to Saturn; and had deduced that human beings evolved from lower life forms going all the way back to fish!—all knowledge lost or ignored by the time these religions were created.

A 2010 poll by the prestigious Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life revealed that still today American Roman Catholics and Protestants actually know very little about the history and basic tenets of their own faith. The survey revealed that atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons knew more about religious dogma than Catholics and Protestants.

While the United States is commonly referred to as one of the most religious nations in the world, the facts are that most Americans are ignorant not only about their own particular brand of faith they know even less about other faiths. And also not surprisingly, the lower the level of education of the individual the less he or she knew about religion. And here is a good kicker: atheists and agnostics scored the highest on the survey questions. Catholics scored the lowest.

The Willful Stupidity Element!

One should be able to assume that present-day leaders of most religions are neither stupid nor ignorant. Even though most of them have been raised within the restraints and taboos of their particular church and have been programmed by their environment and professional studies to accept the teachings of their par-ticular religion, it requires a great deal of willful stupidity for them to deny what they see and hear in the real world, and in what their intrinsic common sense tells them.

     While some of the motives of many of the clergy in all religions may be pure and positive, continuing to pursue beliefs and practices that are patently false, invalid and anti-human requires a twisted mind. That is willful stupidity taken to the extreme.

      The news media recently carried interviews with two life-long religious pastors who admitted that they no longer believed in the existence of God—or any god for that matter. And how did they say they came to this startling insight? They said they did so by actually reading the Bible and discovering that it is primarily based on stories written by men totally ignorant of the nature, scope and grandeur of the cosmos attempting to prove there is a God who can and does break every law of nature but never actually does anything at all to save mankind from itself.

     In simple terms, religious clergy have been brain-washed by their teachers and mentors and their overall environment—or they dupe themselves for some ulterior reason. Or they are perfectly aware of the duplicity of their position and actions and continue for reasons that have nothing to do with “saving souls.”

     Most of the world’s religions have traditionally de-pended upon one thing to keep their uneducated members coming back for more. Fear! Fear that they will be condemned to Hell if they don’t profess to believe and go through the prescribed rituals; and fear of the reprisals their Church and fellow members will take against them in this life if they don’t conform to the prescribed behavior.

     In earlier times reprisals by the Catholic Church ranged from being ostracized and shamed to being tortured and killed, often in the most horrible ways imaginable. In modern times the Church has moderated its punishment to social sanctions and the threat of eternal Hell instead of some form of execution.

     Of course, the vast majority of Muslims are as non-violent and as tolerant as the average Christians and Jews but radical Islamic clerics remain hung up on the primitive beliefs and customs that were common when Islam was founded in the 7th century A.D.

    Teaching children that they are going to burn in Hell forever if they don’t obey the dictates of any religion is pathological, and so far from the original intent of religions that it is criminal.   Prevailing upon young men and women to strap bombs to their bodies to seek out and kill as many people as possible in a struggle for religious and political power goes beyond pathology.

     When the mothers of these brainwashed assassins say on camera how proud they are of their martyred sons and daughters it is unreal. It is even more unreal when it is discovered that the terrorists paid the families of the assassins. Only rational, non-religious education can cure this inhuman insanity.

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