The Need for a New Cultural Paradigm [29]

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Mankind is now faced with new challenges spawned by the stupidity and idiocy of traditional cultures. In the U.S. and elsewhere this has led to the use of technology to create new cultures that in some respects are worse than the old ones.

It goes without saying that to truly meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of mankind the world needs a new, global, cultural paradigm that “fits” and enhances the lives of everybody in all societies.

But are there principles and policies that would ensure high standards of ethical behavior and would work on a worldwide basis?  There are, but to create and implement this new paradigm would mean discarding all of the institutionalized and ritualized one-God cult religions. [The only difference between these three cults and notorious little cults is that these three are very big and very powerful, and can ignore and squash criticism].

It is, of course, a fact that some of the social tenets of Judaism and Christianity are responsible for much of the humane morality that has managed to survive in the United States and other Western countries.  But even the most casual glance at the level of morality in so-called Christianized societies reveals that corruption and immoralities of all kinds are thriving as never before.

Christianity now presents itself as humane and nurturing. But it is still off-base in many of its teachings—and has never been and is not now capable of instilling a desirable standard of morality even in “Christianized” countries, much less universally.

Islam is even worse in many respects.  It remains caught in a time warp, with many of the same irrational and barbarous tenets that were the bedrock of Christianity for many centuries—the same Christianity that was responsible for the crusades against Muslims, for the Catholic Inquisitors who tortured and burned thousands over a period of several generations, for the depredations of the Conquistadors in the New World, for the European Colonialists and their campaigns to subjugate native populations in Africa and to eradicate them in North and South America, and on and on.

And there is another very conspicuous obstacle to the creation and implementation of a new code of ethics for humanity.  This obstacle is a large number of professional people in think tanks, in universities, and in other organizations that have agendas that range from being anti-white, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-Islamic, anti-democratic, anti-capitalism, anti-global-ism, anti-American, to anti-international business, and more.

As is also obvious, these groups now have the means to reach millions of people daily with their virulent messages. A recent book entitled Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel by Michael Adams presents a fascinating and frightening portrait of these think-tank and campus-based anti-everything groups.

Guidelines for a New Way of Living

So what might a new social paradigm look like—one that all people could live by and achieve their fullest potential?  Given what is known about humanity, the new cultural paradigm would have to include the following elements:

1)  That all governments be based on the best principles of democracy [and certainly not the kind of “democracy” that now prevails in the U.S.!]

2)  That all societies acknowledge and follow the fundamental principle that females have an equal stake in humanity and must have the same rights and same opportunities as males.

3) That morality be based on dogma-free principles that recognize the true nature of mankind and are de-signed to nurture all of the elements in the make-up of human beings: the body, the emotions, the intellect and the spirit.

4)  That the educational policies of all governments and all educational institutions be redesigned to inculcate all students from day one with a genteel standard of etiquette; a moral value system that includes respect for others, honesty, truthfulness and diligence; a sense of pride in themselves; a sense of honor; the ambition to make the world a better place; and the courage to have big dreams.

5)  That the economic policies of all governments be redesigned to further a global-based process of raising the living standards of all people on the planet to a comfortable level.

6) That a key part of this process be providing the means for all females to limit the number of children they have to no more than two.

7)  That the finite nature and fragility of Planet Earth be formally and officially recognized and that universal mandatory directives be established to protect and sustain it… balanced with the profit-making that is essential for the well-being of humanity.

8)  That these goals be made the basic charter of man-kind and be pursued on a global, coordinated basis.

Of course, there are hundreds of other factors, real and imagined, that would have to be a part of this paradigm shift. The goal should be that all societies on the planet become interconnected to the point that they are, in fact, members of a global society. An old idea! A global village!

We are now engaged in three kinds of wars: economic competition; political/military supremacy; and religious ideologies. And that is the new reality of the 21st century. We must therefore strive to bring all countries into the same rational, logical, humane, human family.

Much of the world is, in fact, waiting for leaders to create a morality that would lift mankind up and out of the religious, political and economic muck and mire of history.

All of the modern-day institutions have contributed to this moral failure: the political; the business and the educational.  All religious institutions have, of course, failed in every facet of their self-proclaimed mandates.

Of course, there is a lot of complaining and wailing about these institutions, particularly education.  But most of the institutions are too divided, too hemmed in by laws, too entrenched, and too bureaucratic to reform themselves.

The big hope for humanity is that the new social media that has given voice to the millions of people who know what is good and right and what is bad and wrong, and will join together to browbeat and shame their leaders into making the changes that would allow the human species to achieve much more of its potential, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

***This blog was excerpted from my book: THE PLAGUE OF MALE DOMINANCE – The Cause and Cure!, available in ebook and printed formats from


Boyé Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Asia since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, journalist and editor. He is a graduate of Jōchi University in Tokyo, Japan and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, USA. In addition to books on the business practices, social behavior and languages of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico he has written extensively about the moral collapse of the U.S. along with books on his home state of Arizona. To see a full list of his books go to: Recent books include: CHINA Understanding & Dealing with the Chinese Way of Doing Business; JAPAN Understanding & Dealing with the NEW Japanese Way of Doing Business; AMERICA’S FAMOUS HOPI INDIANS; ARIZONA’S LORDS OF THE LAND [the Navajos]; SPEAK JAPANESE TODAY – A Little Language Goes a Long Way! and THE GRAND CANYON ANSWER BOOK – Everything You Might Want to Know About the Grand Canyon, and Then Some!


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