The Entertainment Cesspool! [21]



Well before the end of the 20th century as much as seventy-five percent of all movie, television and mobile-device entertainment in the U.S. was based on sex, sleaze and violence.

    The public display of female sexuality had also become one of the primary foundations of business in the United States, with several European and Hispanic countries soon following suit. It had spread to Japan by the 1970s; to China by 1990 and to South Korea by 2005.

     The fact that it is primarily the use of female sexuality that primes the business pump in many countries is yet other outcome of the Jewish and Christian religions historically keeping women in the shadows and subservient to men, denying them the right of self-expression and making the subject of their sexuality both taboo and a subject of chronic obsessive interest among males.

In Muslim countries, however, Islamic customs and laws regarding female sexuality are still far too extreme and rigid to allow the use of sex as a basis for business or entertainment. Even minor infractions of these rules result in serious punishment. Conspicuous infractions can lead to death.

In pre-Americanized Japan, men and women bathed together in large public bathhouses as a normal, natural thing, and women’s breasts were not considered erotic—the back of the neck exposed by the kimono was the erotic zone! But since the 1960s breasts have also become a big thing in Japan, as the Japanese became more and more under the influence of sleazy American culture.

Interestingly, promoting prurient interest in female breasts had gone so far by the turn of the century that marketers in the fashion industry had begun to zero in on female butts as the new thing. Some of the commercials focusing on the butts of shapely females are more sexually arousing than the cleavage and breast ads because female butts are far more directly associated with actual sexual intercourse than mammary glands.

By 2011 TV commercials had begun focusing on the butts of men wearing tight blue jeans in yet another marketing gambit with a powerful sexual message.

Porn and Prostitution

The obsession with sex that is characteristic of people who have been programmed by anti-sex religions has resulted in the growth of pornography from a minor business to one of the world’s largest and most profitable enterprises. First fueled by the advent of sex-based movies and television in the mid-1900s, pornography went viral virtually overnight when the Internet came along.

Visual and verbal pornography are now a mainstay of the movie and television industries.  Google porn sites and porn videos on the Internet and the figure that comes up is well above forty million. Huge numbers of porn videos are advertised as free. Many porn producing companies have large numbers of members who pay a reduced fee for each new release.

In addition to the huge personal, individual market for hard-core pornographic films delivered on television and other electronic devices the market for packaged porno DVDs is huge and growing.

As incredible as it seems on the surface, the right to produce, distribute and sell pornography is protected by the “Freedom of Speech” provision in the American Bill of Rights…a right repeatedly reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States and buttressed by an army of lawyers paid by pornographers.

As far back as the mid-1970s Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt had an attorney on a $15,000 a month retainer to fight off lawsuits if and when they occurred. This monthly expense was probably next only to the cost of printing the magazine but it was pocket change to the publisher. Despite the unsavory media-created reputation Flynt had as a smut peddler, he had goals that were more admirable than those claimed by many religions. His aim was to force people to be honest and aboveboard about their prejudices and sex obsessions, face them, and overcome them. He knew his approach was shocking to the average person. He also knew absolutely that it would make him immensely rich, but he was honest about it.

Again, the incredible market for porn was not created by the pornographers. It was created by the religious teachings that sexual behavior outside of marriage and not for the purpose of procreation is a sin against a vengeful God and those guilty of ignoring these teachings would go to Hell.

To prevent men from being aroused and seduced by females the religions mandated that women keep their bodies covered and not engage in any kind of licentious behavior. In some societies the sanctions to enforce these mandates included death—a sick male response still in force in some Islamic communities.

The very successful efforts of religions to deny, ignore and subvert both male and female sexuality naturally resulted in males becoming pathologically obsessive about female sexuality.

Male pornographers are not the only ones who take advantage of this cultural aberration.  Since women are naturally smarter than men, some who are liberated have taken advantage of the male obsession with female sexuality to create their own porn sites.

Porn Tycoons & Religions!

People who are profiting from pornography—some of whom have become billionaires—should bow down several times a day to the God-based religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—that have misunderstood and abused human sexuality since their inception, resulting in much of humanity becoming obsessed with sex, with sexual genitalia…with everything that has to do with sex.

Despite claims to the contrary, it is sex that runs the world, not love. And as long as the sexual nature of human beings is denied, ignored and suppressed, and people are punished for breaking the religious taboos designed to dramatically limit sexual expression, the obsession is not going to go away.

In other words, the profit morality will continue to prevail…at the expense of the religious elements that in fact are rational and humane but cannot compete with the power of the sexual nature of humanity.

As said, even the broadcast news media has joined the sexual titillation crowd by selecting sexy female newscasters who are groomed fit to kill, wear short skirts revealing a lot of leg, and flirt with both guests and viewers.

 The Traditional Sex Trade

The traditional sex trade itself is, of course, one of the world’s largest and most enduring industries, even though it continuously inflicts immeasurable suffering on millions of young girls and women.

     Not surprisingly, the business of sex has long been fodder for the modern-day news media, which periodically covers it like any other news category but never gets down to the nitty-gritty of why the industry continues to flourish on such a massive scale.

Selling and buying sex also periodically gets the attention of politicians and religious leaders who routinely decry its presence, but they too ignore the underlying reasons for its existence. And as is well known, many of them participate in the action them-selves, although they try to keep it secret.

You might think that there is some kind of conspiracy going on—a worldwide conspiracy that both allows and protects the sex industry from serious interference by anyone or any organization. And you would be right.

The conspiracy is as ancient as the industry itself, and is an outgrowth of the natural sexual instincts of males to have sexual relations with females on a regular basis—and to have sexual access to more than one female whenever possible.

As noted earlier, this predatory sexual nature of males is a built-in characteristic that is a fundamental part of the survival instinct of all organic life forms. In some human males this drive can be so powerful it prevents them from thinking and behaving rationally, and when it is denied and/or repressed bad things can happen.

In males sexual energy builds up like a battery being charged.  When the energy in the “sex battery” of males is not dispelled by having intercourse (or masturbating) it begins to have a negative impact on them. Their thinking and their behavior changes, and those with more powerful sex drives often resort to some kind and degree of violence to obtain sexual release.

Females are also genetically imbued with a survival instinct and are driven to attract males to impregnate them, but from the first days of the human species they were under the control of males who were superior in size and strength, and they were subject to being severely punished if not killed if they did not accommodate males who approached them.

As the human species advanced intellectually and began to form larger and larger groups it gradually became customary in most societies for the male rulers and their male-priest allies to establish rules that limited most men to one wife at a time, or prescribed the maximum number of wives they could have—a movement that totally ignored the sexual nature of most males and all females.

As is also well known, in many societies these limitations did not apply to the rulers and top officials, resulting in concubine and mistress-keeping become common among the ruling elite and the wealthy minority who were invariable aligned with the political and religious leaders.

The Bible notes that the famous King Solomon—the leader of a relatively small Jewish tribe—had 700 wives and 300 concubines. This sounds like a far-out exaggeration meant to burnish Solomon’s manly image, but such numbers are a matter of historical record in a number of cultures.

But whatever the society and whatever social system it had, a large number of men always ended up without the opportunity for regular sexual release. And, of course, many who had wives simply gave in to the urge to have extramarital sex. These factors combined with the material and security needs of many females and their families led to the early development of sex as a trade.

In some cultures religious leaders recognized and accepted the true nature of men, and created a system in which men, married or single, could have sex with female priests and acolytes. [Interestingly, Hawaiians had separate “sex houses” for royalty and for commoners that featured a variety of sex games. One game for commoners consisted of bowling for sex—rolling a wobbly coconut across a floor toward a lineup of females to select a partner for the night… surely hoping it would go to one that was attractive.*


*This custom was banned by American missionaries when they arrived in Hawaii only a few years after the islands were discovered by English seafaring explorer James Cook in 1778. If Hawaii ever runs short of tourists all it would have to do is restart the bowling-for-sex game.


Obviously, political, social and religious leaders have never resolved the sexual nature of males or females, which explains why the sex trade has survived into modern times. In short, it serves the purpose and needs of many males, and, in a perverse way, some females.

As is well known, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. periodically attempt to keep the sex trade behind closed doors, typically targeting females instead of males, even though the trade caters almost exclusively to males and would not exist if there was no demand.

As the cultural restraints against extra-marital sex and consensual sex among singles weaken, the need for commercial sex may diminish, but it will not go away in the foreseeable future; not as long as so many men need—or think they need—the services the trade provides.

The only way that the sex trade could be dramatically and quickly reduced in size would be mandatory government-enforced use of chemicals to block the natural sex drive of men. That will not happen as long as males are in control.

The “natural solution” that seems to be developing is a simple sexual free-for-all situation that is culturally approved as long as it is consensual.

This is an area of human behavior that the education system must eventually address in a rational, honest and humane way, beginning with middle school students, because parents cannot or will not do it.

***This blog was excerpted from my book: THE PLAGUE OF MALE DOMINANCE – The Cause and Cure!, available in ebook and printed formats from


Boyé Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Asia since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, journalist and editor. He is a graduate of Jōchi University in Tokyo, Japan and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, USA. In addition to books on the business practices, social behavior and languages of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico he has written extensively about the moral collapse of the U.S. along with books on his home state of Arizona. To see a full list of his books go to: Recent books include: CHINA Understanding & Dealing with the Chinese Way of Doing Business; JAPAN Understanding & Dealing with the NEW Japanese Way of Doing Business; AMERICA’S FAMOUS HOPI INDIANS; ARIZONA’S LORDS OF THE LAND [the Navajos] and SPEAK JAPANESE TODAY – A Little Language Goes a Long Way!

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