Saving Earth FROM Humanity! [31]

The Chinese Way of Doing Busines


The common sense of females, the power of technology and a growing number of enlightened males now offer mankind an opportunity to solve what is potentially one of the greatest problems human beings have ever faced—how to get population growth under control and create a new universal cultural paradigm.

    Attempts to prevent pregnancy in females go back at least three thousand years [and included some far out methods], but nothing really worked well until the development of the Pill in 1950s by American scientists, and its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 1960. At that time the typical American woman had 3.6 children—some had as many as a dozen or more…and if Catholic or Mormon, were praised as having been blessed by God.

     Just one pill a day was effective over ninety-two percent of the time in preventing pregnancy. Side effects were rare [and have since been virtually eliminated]. When first introduced each pill cost only 12 cents.

   At that time, attempts to prevent pregnancy were banned by a number of religions and there were laws in various religious-oriented states and countries making family planning a criminal offense.

     First, women by the thousands began taking the tiny pill daily despite the laws and religious edicts, and their numbers continued to grow. By 1980 the birth rate among white Americans had dropped below two for the first time in the history of the country.

     Despite the fact that the primitive bastions of male power kept up the battle year after year to prevent women from taking the Pill, their numbers soon passed a million, then ten million and by 2010 well over one hundred million.

    The gradual unfolding of this pregnancy revolution by American women was chronicled by TIME Magazine in 2010, revealing a battle that started several thousand years ago, and is still in its early stage.

     Some of the methods used in an effort to prevent pregnancy in ancient times were bizarre to say the least—including such things as the male putting a ring made from a cut lemon around his penis.

     In 1873 the American Congress passed a law label-ing birth-control information obscene and banning its distribution to the public—a blatant demonstration of the power of male religious ideologues in Congress.

     Well into the 20th century contraception of any kind was opposed by orthodox religions around the world, the most powerful of which even regarded sex within marriage as immoral unless it was aimed at having children. Families with up to fourteen or more children were held up as paragons of moral behavior.

     Women who began the push for birth-control methods, including some Catholic women, were treated as criminals. Margaret Sanger, one of the first major figures in this battle, took up the fight after her mother died from complications caused by eighteen pregnancies.

     She wrote that she dreamed of a “magic pill.” She was arrested and spent time in jail for her efforts.

     Not surprisingly, the man who was ultimately responsible for the development of the Pill began his research in an effort to increase fertility in women who were having trouble conceiving—not blocking pregnancies!

     The emancipation of American women from getting pregnant every twenty-one or twenty-two months was to have a profound influence on the social and economic situation of females, resulting in them swarming into universities and corporate offices by the millions.

     By the end of the 20th century some lower level religious leaders had bowed to the inevitable and given grudging approval of the Pill for married women—or  they kept quiet about it because they knew large numbers of their members had been using it for many years.

The Political Push Back

Still today there is tremendous opposition to the Pill by critics in some African countries who say it is being used as a political weapon by the White race to limit the number of Blacks—and by dogged God-oriented conservative politicians in the United States who claim the moral high ground by opposing unnatural contraception.

     But as history has proven over and over again, nothing changes human behavior faster and more completely than new technology that makes life easier and better. Technology that has benefits that are immediately obvious changes physical behavior virtually instantly—and a change in thinking inevitably follows.

***This blog was excerpted from my book: THE PLAGUE OF MALE DOMINANCE – The Cause and Cure!, available in ebook and printed formats from


Boyé Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Asia since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S. intelligence agency, journalist and editor. He is a graduate of Jōchi University in Tokyo, Japan and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, USA. In addition to books on the business practices, social behavior and languages of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico he has written extensively about the moral collapse of the U.S. along with books on his home state of Arizona. To see a full list of his books go to: Recent books include: CHINA Understanding & Dealing with the Chinese Way of Doing Business; JAPAN Understanding & Dealing with the NEW Japanese Way of Doing Business; AMERICA’S FAMOUS HOPI INDIANS; ARIZONA’S LORDS OF THE LAND [the Navajos] and SPEAK JAPANESE TODAY – A Little Language Goes a Long Way!



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